April 08 2014 Devils Kitchen Water District will close on RD Loan for

connecting to Carbondale. The project consists of updating the existing two pump stations, refurbish both water towers and presure reducing stations and one new pump stations, over 2 miles of 6" and 4" main water lines. The project should start early May.

The two water towers and pump station 1,2 have been been competed
and are back on line. As of 10/23/2014 the new pump station 3 came on line and is pumping Carbondale water to the pump station at the office.

Thank you, we appreciate your business,

Tim Yancey, General Manager

Devil’s Kitchen Water District

DKWD will be replacing old meters with new electronic read meters starting in May 2012. Some of our customers will have some dirt and air in their water after they are changed out, they will have to let their water run till it clears up. We have installed over 433 as of 03/09/2016.

August 13 2012: The District traded its John Deere 110 back hoe for a new Case 580 super N. This back hoe is a lot bigger so the District can do repairs and new services in house to help keep cost affordable to the customer.

June 2009: Devils Kitchen Water District purchased a new CAT portable generator to power the pump stations in case of power outages.

RATE INCREASE: April 1, 2022
The minimum bill for one thousand gallons is $23.00 plus $9.00 facility charge for a total of $32.00. For each thousand gallons used above that amount will be prorated at a rate of $11.00. The new rate will take effect with your April 1, 2022..

CONFIDENCE REPORT: As required by the EPA, the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report was published in the Carbondale Times on the week of May 10, 2017 for review. There is also a copy of the CCR report posted at the water office. We are required to provide you with our report, along with Lake of Egypt's, our supplier, each year by July 1st.
If you need a copy of this report please contact us.

EMAIL ALERTS: At this time this has been discontinued. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Customer is responsible for a monthly payment. Payment is due upon receipt of bill before the 25th of month. A 12% penalty will be added to the outstanding balance after the 25th of the month. Failure to receive bill does not relieve customer of liability or penalty.

Accounts with an outstanding balance 30 days after the bill date will be disconnected. Before reconnection occurs, a Reconnect Fee will be added and all outstanding debt against account must be paid.


Past due payments are due no later than the 10th of the month. When past due amounts are not paid, water service will be shut off and locked and will be restored when the ENTIRE balance of both past due and current amounts are paid plus the following shutoff service fees:

$50.00 will be charged the first time service is shut off.

$75.00 will be charged the second time service is shut off within a 12 month period.

$100.00 will be charged the third time and any subsequent times that service is shut off within a 12 month period.

After a 12 month period has passed with no shutoffs, the customer will start back at the $50.00 fee and begin a new 12 month period.