DATE     02/23/2023



   Devil’s Kitchen Water District has lifted the Boil Water Order for our customers at these areas Boskeydell Rd, South County Line Rd, Skyhawk Rd, Autumn Ridge Rd, New Hope Lane, Snyder Rd, Collins Lane Bald Eagle Lane, Dogwood Rd, Lamb Rd, Falcon Rd, Cameron Rd,Pointer Lane,, Pileated Lane,Drew Rd, Lakewood Estates and Hayton School Rd till further notice. 




                   In case of a boil water order: Remember water being used for drinking and cooking purposes should be brought to a rolling boil for at least five minutes before using.

Devil's Kitchen Water District
3324 Grassy Road
Carbondale, IL 62902
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Boil Water Order Signs will be posted in areas as required. Listen to the local radio stations, TV stations and newspapers for information, or for any questions call the number above. It may take two to four days to get lab results back so that the boil water order can be lifted